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Will Your Emergency Lights and Lighting Work When You Need Them?
Emergency lighting provides lighting in corridors, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles, and exit passageways during power outages to prevent occupant disorientation. Routine maintenance, required by NFPA 101, chapter 31, section 1.3.7, is frequently overlooked until after an emergency occurs.
NFPA Standard No. 101-31-1.3.7 - "A functional test shall be conducted on every required emergency lighting system at 30-day intervals for a minimum of 30 seconds. An annual test shall be conducted for the 1 1/2 hour duration. Equipment shall be fully operational for the duration of the test. Written records of visual inspections and tests shall be kept by the owner for inspection by the authority having jursidiction."

Philadelphia City still requires your emergency lighting be tested monthly!
It is required to maintain a log and perform sustained operation testing each year!

Solve your emergency lighting problem